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Advertiser Page

The purpose of the Advertiser page is to show all the critical information about an advertiser on a single page!

This one page will allow you to provide a branded competitor report that can be used for either client acquisition or client management. Giving the advertiser visibility that no other tool on the planet is able to provide and giving you a competitor's edge.

On this page, you will learn:

  1. The Advertiser's relative market position compared to the competition.

  2. The keywords they compete on

  3. The frequency of their ads shown

  4. A summary of their schedule

  5. Unique ad copy 

  6. Ad position

  7. Competitor Ad Copy 

Within the page, you will see:

Chart 1 - Hourly & Daily Frequency

Chart 2 - Competitor Visibility 

Chart 3 - Search Term Competition

Chart 5 - Top Seen Ads

Chart 6 -  Top Seen Competitor Ads

Click below to learn more about each chart.