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Ad Lab Notifications

Make impactful changes to your prospecting or client's campaigns using real-time data and alerts.

PPC Ad Lab brings you a customisable notification engine like no other, allowing you to understand your market and be the first to react.

Whether it's an in-app message, email or webhook receive the information you need the way you want it.

Be the first to know when a competitor makes a price change on a product.

Monitor review score changes on Google shopping.

Be aware when a new advertiser is found or when an advertiser is no longer found.

Adapt your offer to the market when new ad copy is seen or if no ads are found.

See when a competitor's visibility ranking changes and understand why. Allowing you to optimise a campaign or position your service.

Always stay on top of your prospecting with SMTP failure notifications or when your SMTP Daily send limit is reached.

Engage prospects at the right time when an email is opened or your CTA link is clicked.

Outreach to your Top 100 and receive an alert when a new contact is found or build a relationship with existing clients by seeing when a client logs in to your white-label Ad Lab account.

The possibilities are endless allowing you to build the notifications you want so you are always in control.