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How to Add a Campaign template?
How can I exclude an advertiser from my email campaigns?
How can I change the contact lookup settings?
How to Create Logins for Clients?
How can I add users or team members to my account?
What's the difference between Advertiser page link and Embed link?
How can I set up my Advertiser Page?
How to Edit a Job?
How can I set up notifications when advertisers are found?
How can I get reports from an advertiser?
Why do I only have 500 credits?
How do I access the Bonus content?
What does a client domain do when adding a job?
How or where can I send my feature requests?
How can I download the ads of an advertiser to a CSV file?
Will email campaigns stop sending when the job is completed?
I'm still in trial and don't want to exhaust my credits. What run profile would you suggest?
How does white label domain work?
How can I sort the results of the job?
What are the best keywords to use for my first job?
How much can I charge to sell the data in PPC Ad Lab?
How can I add an email campaign to a job?
How can I manually add contact information?
How can I test my SMTP?
How can I find the recommended keywords for the job that I created?
How can I download the advertisers found in a job into a CSV file?
How can I know how many ads were found per search?
How can I add an email signature template to my SMTP?
How to set up Admin SMTP to send Client Logins and Password Resets?
How can I filter the columns that I see on the Advertisers page?
Where can I see the list of advertisers who clicked or opened the emails that I sent?
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