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Updated 3 months ago by Rob Warner

Filters are a hugely powerful feature in your PPC Ad Lab reporting. Let's take a closer look.

To access Filters - simply click the button - top right when looking at any Job.

You'll see the filter options shown below. We'll look at each in turn.

  1. Date range - to limit the date reviewed, just click the date range selector and choose one of the pre-defined date ranges or a custom range to suit. The heatmap and other reports will only show data in the range selected.
  2. Cities - select one or more of the locations you have selected in the job. You cannot select cities not included in the job.
  3. Keywords - select one or more of your keywords to limit your displayed results to only those selected.
  4. URL's - select one or more advertisers whose ads / running schedule and keywords you want to see.
  5. Ad copy - enter any word or character you are looking for in the ad copy. For example "$" or "Free". You can include more than one word and the filter will find any ads that include either of the words in the filter. After each word/phrase hit the enter key.
    Your ad copy filter should look like the image below.

Filters apply to both the Heatmap and Charts views.

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