The Dashboard

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The Dashboard you see after login is your control centre for your application.

Your dashboard is broken into 3 primary areas:

Starting from the top, working down.

  1. Search - this allows you to search for any job name, or tag.
  2. Summary panel - where you can see at a glance how many jobs are in each state:
    1. Active - The total number of jobs in your dashboard
    2. Running jobs - a repeated job is in process and will continue running until stopped
    3. Pending jobs - repeated jobs that have been started and are currently in a paused state. Existing data is retained but new data is not being gathered.
    4. Completed jobs - one-time jobs that have finished running.
  3. Job list - a full list of all the jobs currently in your account. Looking at each column in turn
    1. Job name - as you would expect, the name of the job. To see the details of the job, click the name.
    2. Run profile - the frequency with which this job is running.
    3. Output - the results of the job, either a Heatmap/Chart (repeating jobs) or csv download list for one-time jobs
    4. Status - the current status of the job as explained in 2a-d above
    5. Round - how many times the job has run so far
    6. Tags - any Tags applied to the job for sorting/filtering
    7. Action buttons
      1. Add Tag
      2. Resume a Paused job - so that it continues with the frequency shown in the Job profile
      3. Pause a job - so that no additional data is captured
      4. Delete Job - the job and all it's data will be deleted from your account. Credits used so far in running this job are NOT refunded to the account.

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