Using Charts

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Charts are your data deep dive into your market.

They are highly flexible and allow you to see a different perspective of the market.

You access "Chart mode" with the widget shown bottom right on your screen:

When you open charts, any filters that you have applied in the heatmap are automatically applied to the charts (so if you don't see much data that's why).

Competitor strength report

This chart is shown once per location.

The bars show the number of unique competitors seen for any keyword, starting with the most competitive keyword at the top.

Competitors report

The competitors chart is again, one per city.

The chart shows the number of keywords in the job that each competitor is showing ads for. Think of it as the auction insights view in Google Ads.

Here's where it gets interesting?

Using filters you can zone in on:

  • which competitors are bidding on a particular keyword (and in the heatmap you can see their ads and schedule).
  • all the keywords a particular competitor is targeting (within those included in the job). Again in the heatmap you can see their ad schedule and ads.

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