Reading the Heatmap

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The heatmap is one of the key visualisations of your market.

Key elements in the heatmap

  1. Day of week - your heatmap will show 1 week of data broken weekly from the first day the job ran. So if you start a job on a Tuesday it will always show Tuesday first in the heatmap. If you run after one week you will see each week on top of the other with newest first.
  2. Hour of day - the hour of day is shown in the first column starting at midnight.
  3. Advertiser counter - each Counter on the heatmap shows a count of the number of unique advertisers seen in that round of the job. Like all heatmaps, the darker the color the more competitive the market.

Actions in the heatmap

In the heatmap there are several clickable elements.

Clicking the Job Name displays the details of the job for you to review. You cannot edit the job in this view.

Clicking a Heatmap Counter

To see all the ads shown within a given hour, simply click the Counter and you'll see a list of all the Ads seen.

For other heatmap functions see:

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