Understanding credits

Updated 1 week ago by Rob Warner

Credits are the currency of PPC Ad Lab.

Your subscription comes with a number of credits that you can use. The bigger your subscription plan the more credits you have available to use and the lower the “cost” of each credit.

Credits are used:

  1. Each time a keyword is searched in a location. So for example you create a job to check 10 keywords in a single city, once per hour.
    Each hour, when that job runs it will use 1 (city) x 10 (keywords) = 10 credits
    In 24 hours it will use 240 credits.
  2. When you successfully lookup a contact using our hunter.io integration you are charged 3 credits. Unsuccessful lookups do not use any credits.

Unused credits at the end of each susbscription period roll over to your next period and do not expire while you retain a valid subscription.

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